BATI offers SEA + RAIL fully integrated intermodal transportation solutions for the shipment from/to Turkey - C.I.S. countries with its unique Wagon-Ferry voyages started on July 2001 between Derince (Izmit Bay) and Ilyichevsk (Ukraine) terminals. Especially we focused on transit cargos handling and delivery to Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan heavy and overdims project cargoes, chemical, oil, steel products, energy, cement, scrap, grain, automotive and plastics sectors.

BATI started operating in 2001 and have J/V with Ukrferry Ukraine and also established 4 kms long CIS standard railway and bridges for Rail Ferries. We handle any type of cargoes especially project cargoes from/to Derince to/from any destination at CIS.

• Our operation starts with ordering and supply of CIS railway wagons
• Cargo delivery from the warehouse of the shipper to the railway station or port
• Transhipment from trucks into wagons or marine vessels in the ports.
• Loading / unloading of CIS railway wagons at the station from the truck into the wagon and vice versa
• Preparation of shipping documents (CIM/SMGS, Bill of lading, etc)
• Sea journey between Derince and Ilyichevsk ports by railway ferry
• Passing customs with all necessary formalities but no any cargo transfer.
• Further delivery of the wagons to the final point of destination in CIS countries and Turkey

BATI also experienced Container + Truck intermodal transportation for any type of cargos from Far East and worldwide via Istanbul (Turkey) to Russia and The Commonwealth of Independent States.